Worldwide real estate investing, for everyone.

A simple way to directly access the global real estate market and build yourself a truly diversified, cash flow generating portfolio.

How it works

We find quality properties.We screen and vet properties for balanced growth and risk
You invest.Buy fractional shares for partial ownership
You get paid monthly cash dividends.Rental income is distributed to shareholders
You earn when the property sells.As property value increases, receive your share of the sale proceeds

Remote Venture Properties

Choose which property to buy Block in for use Smart Invest. Our range of properties is carefully selected by our specialist Property Team based on growth potential.

Propety details include:

  • Historical suburb growth
  • Independent property valuations
  • Forecasted cash flows
  • Estimated net rental income and yield

Why Choose Remote Ventures?

Truly passive income

Don’t worry about the property management and operations, just sit back and earn your share of rental income


Forget all of the friction in finding deals, the legal documentation, visas, licenses, currency conversion, etc.

Quality deals

Deals are screened and vetted against a strict framework to ensure balanced risk and growth opportunity


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